Monday, July 14, 2008


My goodness, it has been so long!! I have really been slacking off on my homemaking duties. Summer has a way of doing this to me, but when you add in my hubby being deployed, it just makes for a disaster! lol From not keeping the kids on a regular bed time schedule, to sleeping in, to not doing a night time routine and more, the house feels like it is going to fall apart! So the first thing I am going to start with is meals. You know meals have become lax around your home when your daughter asks you to make her a casserole instead of mac & cheese! So here goes my menu:

Monday: spagetti, bread, brocoli, fruit

Tuesday: sloppy joes, baked oven fries, applesauce

Wednesday: pork chops, couscous, cresants

Thursday: scrambled eggs with ham and hash browns

Friday: mom's night out

Saturday: blt's (made with turkey bacon) pretzels, carmel apple salad

Sunday: kids pick

Thanks for stopping by! I am looking to start a gluten free diet, but in need of recipes! So if you know of any sites or have any ideas, please let me know. Thanks!

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