Wednesday, May 26, 2010


April 7th was the last time I posted? Wow, I really hadn't meant to neglect this blog for so long. However, life has been crazy! Just a quick run down...

school/school activities
Girl Scouts
Cub Scouts
farewell dinners & parties
church obligations
physical therapy appts
packing out a house
...and flying with 5 kids (by myself!) from Guam to Hawaii, Hawaii to L.A. and L.A. to Portland, OR.

It has been a busy time. Right now we are at another time/place of transition. I am staying at my Mom's until the 10th of June. Then my whole family, will be traveling to California to set up our new home.

But I have so many things, ideas, recipes etc. that I want to share.

Lots and lots of things to come!

I hope you haven't forgotten about me! (:

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