Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Leapin' Leparchans!

( I have seriously rotated this picture 100 x's and it wont' work! Sorry!)

(I may get up early, but I never said it was a pretty picture! Ecspecially with that lovely patch of dry skin!)

(a note with jokes and the two buttons...for jokes I just google the holiday and kid's jokes...makes it easy!)

(holiday themed napkins are a quick and inexpensive way to add a little fun!)

(a fun green lunch)

It is my 100th post!! Makes me happy! Although St. Patricks Day is over on Guam, it is still going strong in the states.

I had planned a fun "green dinner" ( I don't know how to make corned beef and cabbage!). Unfortunatley, sick kids and appts. threw me off. We are eating it tonight instead.

I did manage to get my 2 older kids off with a fun "Leparchan lunch!"

They started their day off with what else...LUCKY CHARMS!

Lunch was a shamrock shaped sandwich, green apples, apple juice in a green box, package of crackers in a green bag, a shamrock shaped cookie and sour cream & onion chips (ok it was a stretch but they did have green on them)

I also included a shamrock napkin and a note with jokes. My kids have to wear uniforms so I bought them some buttons to wear. I gave one to them and one for them to give to a friend!

They definatley had the luck o' the Irish!

So are you feeling LUCKY? I am having ANOTHER giveaway! I will be giving away a "Hafa Adai" pkg. What is Hafa Adai? That is the greeting on Guam! So it will be full of fun items straight from Guam. Chocolate covered macadamia nuts, fun island jewlery, mango snacks....lots more! How do you enter? Simple!

For one entry, leave a comment telling me what your favorite holiday is and how you like to celebrate!

For two entries, become a fan on facebook or a follower here. If you already are, just let me know! (:

For a third entry, post this giveaway to your blog.

Please leave separate comments for each one so I can pull a number.

Thanks for stopping by!


Beth said...

Me first!! Wahoo!! Okay, I am a follower here and a Facebook fan. I'm kind of like your stalker!! I had lots of fun with St. Patrick's day this year. We started the day with green pancakes and had corned beef and cabbage for dinner. I made rainbow cupcakes for dessert. It was fun! I love celebrating all holidays with my kids and trying to make each holiday special for them.

Rebecca said...

Fan of you Marie...always have been since we grew up next door! Tonight, we are having a bit of Irish meets Dr. Seuss....Green eggs and Potatoes! Should make for an interesting meal!

Julie said...

My favorite holiday is Christmas, by far. This year I made an Advent Calendar (you can see it in my Facebook notes) and really tried to spend a lot of time with the kids making memories... reading books, making crafts, baking, and focusing on Jesus.

Julie said...

And for my second entry... I'm a follower on here and Facebook! ;)

Kristen said...

My favorite holiday is the 4th of July. I love picnics and parades and watching my children ooh and aah over fireworks. It's a simple holiday, but it's always fun.

Lacee said...

ok I want in on it too, one of my favorite holidays is St. Patrick's day at least this year, painting our fingernails green having corned beef and cabbage (which we are actually having today long story) yesterday we had green mashed potatoes with a green ground chicken meatloaf and irish soda bread which we all enjoy and end it watching a movie together as a family.

Lacee said...

2nd entry I am a follower on facebook and on the blog :)

Wendy said...

My favorite holiday is Christmas. There's so many family members to buy gifts for that it's a challenge and an adventure to buy something meaningful yet on the cheap side. But I always do it! And it's fun to watch them open their gifts.

Wendy said...

And my second entry....I'm a fan of yours here and on FB :)

ikkinlala said...

My favourite holiday is BC Day (/August Long Weekend) because I get the time off without the pressure of having a specific holiday to celebrate. I like to spend it at the lake or river.

Congratulations on 100 posts!

VintageCrafter said...

I would have to say that my favorite holiday is Christmas followed by Easter! Please count me in! Congrats on your 100th!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Marie. What a way to make St. Patrick's day special for the family.

Christmas would have to be my favorite holiday. So many decorations, everything bight and shiny. Thanks for hosting the giveaway and congratulations on your 100th post. Mine's coming up in only 4 more.

Hugs...Tracy :)

judy said...

hi, i just found your blog from 'my romantic home' blog, a fav of mine, and i like yours too and i would like to win your giveaway, my fav holiday is Christmas,i enjoy spending it with my large family, i love to see the kids rip into their gifts and that good fam feeling when we are all together thanking God for all our blessings
thanks and have a good day

Sherry said...

My favorite holiday is also Christmas. I love spending this time with my family and having my five grandchildren visit at once.

Creations By Cindy said...

I love all the holidays but I would have to say that Thanksgiving is my favorite. I love all the fall colors and decorations. I love the big huge Thanksgiving feast with all the family. It is not only a time of good food and fellowship but a time for me that is less stressful, the hustle and bustle hasn't begun yet with the holidays and everyone just seems to enjoy one another. Be blessed. Cindy

Anonymous said...

I love Christmas--the decorating and festive feeling is my favorite. Although with all your cute st.p ideas to try next year that might become my favorite! :)

gjmanning said...

My gave holiday is Christmas! The kids and
I love to make Christmas cookies and we try
to find one new cookie recipe each year to add
to our stash!

Megan said...

I love Thanksgiving. I'm not quite sure why it's my very favorite but it's the one holiday where you get to be with family and eat lots of yummy food. I love going home to my mom's where usually everyone gets together and spend ten times longer preparing the food than actually sitting down and eating it. It's always nice to be reminded of what you're grateful for. BTW, I'm also a fan.

gjmanning said...

For my second entry, I follow you and am
a fan on FB!

Quinns In Guam said...

My favorite is Halloween followed by Christmas. I love being able to carve pumpkins, go to the pumpkin patch, dress up etc. Christmas is a close second because as a family we always spend Christmas with our family stateside.

I am also a follower on here and facebook :)

On a side note I love the St. Pattys day lunches you made for the kids!

Sullygirl said...

I love all Holidays...I can always find something to cook that makes them feel festive. I am especially looking forward to Easter, my husbands step grand father is 94 and I make him traditional Easter bread with the colored eggs every year! He always tells me how his grandmother used to make it when he was a boy and to see the true joy on his face is so worth the time it takes to make this bread right!
P.S. I found your blog thru Mommy's Kitchen, I LOVE Tina! She is a casserole GENIUS!!!

alishia said...

Hope i am not too late! First, I am a Facebook fan. My fave holiday would have to be Christmas! I love getting the house and family in the Christmas spirit! We love decorating as a family, making hot chocolate and cookies. I love finding the perfect gifts for people and yes, wrapping presents!

Laci said...

Hi Marie! I enjoy checking in on both of your blogs to see the fun things you're doing with/for your family! My favorite holiday is Christmas for sure! My family has so many traditions that go way back...from "hamburger night" to "tripping Santa Claus" and "making and decorating Santa-face cookies" to "Christmas morning waffles" and the list goes on and on! But the best part of all is celebrating Jesus' birth with my wonderful family and spending as much time together as possible!!!

Laci said...

I'm your friend on that the same as a fan??? And i have your other blog on my blog list, but i'll have to add this one too!

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