Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring Craft

I love doing crafts but without having a craft store here...well it makes it somewhat hard! I found this cute and easy idea and knew I had almost everything I needed.

I went through my husband's wood scraps and he made me 3 square blocks that were 3in x3 in. I then sanded them until they were smoothe. Next I spray painted 3 blocks pink and 3 pistachio. After letting them dry, I simply added pink scrapbook stickers and spelled out spring. My original plan was to use white sticker letters. I *might* do that still. Haven't decided yet.

Obviously this is quick and easy! Not to mention cheap. I have a set like these that are painted red and have HO HO HO on them in white. You of course can use them for any holiday! Spelling out BOO, or BELIEVE, or JOY, THANKS, LOVE, AMERICA etc. Just simply change paint colors!

You can also stamp the letters on instead of using stickers!

I hope you enjoyed my show and tell!

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