Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chicken spaghetti

**Please keep in mind...I am NOT a food photographer!**

So the first of the new recipes that I am trying is...chicken spaghetti! Tonight is a busy night at our house...Harmony has Achievement Days and Ben and the boys have scouts. So I was hoping to get this done before they left. Unfortunatley...that didn't happen! But I was the lucky one that got to try it out. Can I just tell you...yum! So good! The recipe I followed can be found here under her casseroles link on the side!

Besides the fact that I started later than planned, this was a pretty easy recipe.

For the chicken, she suggests you cook a fryer and than debone it. I happened to have a rotisserie chicken and a container of chicken that I had cut and frozen on one of my freezer days. Because of this, it went very quickly!

I accidently omitted the green pepper. Oops.

I did decide to make extra and freeze one. Well one recipe makes ALOT. I probably would have been fine just making one and halfing it. But I will just divide them and have 3 for the freezer. 2 portions from the extra, and 1 portion from the other. Does that make sense?!

All I can say is a good easy yummy casserole. The only things I had to buy were Velveeta and celery. I had everything else in the pantry. Not too shabby! If you try it, tell me what you think! Oh and just as a side note...the kitchen smells so good while you are making this! My kids kept coming in and out sniffing the air! (: Kind of like those cartoons where the person floats to the smell of the pie!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

My daughter is trying to earn money for a video game. So while she cleans up I am sitting planning my meals for the week. And I sigh. I have a notebook that I keep my weekly menu's in. That way if I get stuck for an idea, I can look back. Well guess what? All of them look eerily the same. I haven't tried a new recipe for way too long!! Which is probably why, I haven't looked forward to MPM for awhile! So I sat down at my computer and looked up my favorite cooking site. I decided to try a new easy recipe every day this week. So come back and see what I am making for "casserole week". Here is what my plan looks like for the week (dinners only for now!)

Monday: hmmm not sure yet ( I live on Guam and it is already Monday here!)

Tuesday: chicken spaghetti

Wednesday: Tater Tot casserole

Thursday: Cheesy Hash Brown casserole w/ ham

Friday: chili corn bread casserole

Saturday: Honey lime grilled chicken

Sunday: clean out the fridge

On Saturday I will also be making a Strawberry Pop cake.

All the recipes that I will be using come from one of my fav. sites Mommy Kitchen

Also, if you are interested, Amazon.com is offering a years subscription to Cooking Light for $5! I know that at the store, one issue is 3.99! So that is a total score!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Homemaker Monday

( My son as Harry Potter at school)

Whew! Feeling really under the weather today. I have not been feeling well since Friday evening. But I wanted to get this done as I haven't done one for so long! Here goes...

~Weather in my neck of the woods: blue skies, palm trees swaying in the breeze. Guam is gearing up for the dry season.

~Simple pleasure: big bear hugs from my husband and kids

~On my bedside table: Chocolate Chip cookie murder by Joanne Fluke

~On my tv:Scooby Doo season 2

~Menu for tonight: I am not 100% sure. Ben and the older boys have cub scouts, Harmony has girl scouts. I am thinking of just ham sandwiches, potato salad and apple sauce

~On my to do list:
fold the mountain of laundry sitting on the couch
afternoon routine
a nap since I am feeling yucky

~New recipe I tried last week: lol well I made a recipe called "ham and noodle bake". It was not good! I actually ended up tossing the whole thing and just making mac & cheese!!

~What is in the craft basket:getting my Christmas card idea ready to turn into reality

~Looking forward to: Friday. There is no school. Hoping to sleep in just a little!

~Homemaking tip of the week: my kids still struggle with cutting their food. Some meats and things like enchiladas etc. So I let them use a pizza cutter. It is easier for them to handle but they still feel like they "did it all by themselves!"

~Favorite blog post: I read so many it is hard for me to remember what I read and where!

~Favorite photo: at the top

~Lessons learned the past few days: I have been busy doing a lot of different projects for church, school, home etc. Some things have just not turned out the way I have planned. So I am trying to learn to let go a little. Things don't have to be perfect to be enjoyed.

~prayer list: family & friends

~Devotional: "If you unravel the family unit, you unravel the nation." -Bernard

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Feel free to contact me at hecimommy@gmail.com