Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Homemaker Monday

I have been such a slacker blogger lately. So I decided to jump right back in (:

Weather: Southern CA has had some crazy weather lately! Santa Ana winds, rain, 80* + temps...and now it is grey and chilly. I love the cooler weather (:

Reading list: I am currently reading the biography of Abraham Lincoln. I started it at my daughters orthodontist appt. and it is a very interesting read!

On my tv: the first season of Haven

On my menu for this week: I am not sure! This is going to be a long & hard week for we will see.

On my to do list: spend as much time with my hubby as possible...he deploys on Friday for 6 months :(...oh and get my son some glasses!

What I am creating: I am lame!

In Homeschooling: Ok this is a new one since the last time I participated! now applies to me. This week I am planning and preparing for homeschool that is starting next week!

Looking around the house: Kids are running in and out of the house, afterschool snacks, organized coupon binders...

From the camera:

a beautiful sunrise over Camarillo
Something fun to share: Hmmm, uhm I am not sure. This is another new one since the last time I participated. I guess it would be my son teaching my other son to ride his bike (:

On my prayer list: friends and family, our military


Thursday, January 26, 2012


It's been a long time since I blogged! I hadn't realized because life has been a touch crazy around here.

There is a LOT going on. Big changes. Big, HUGE changes.

 My husband is leaving for deployment next week. 6 months on my own. So.not.ready!! You would think I would get used to this but I haven't. Since he joined 10 years ago, he has been gone quite a bit. From being gone for a month all the way up to 8.5 months. And what is sad, is that a lot of people have it worse off than me!

Because one big change isn't enough, we decided to throw in another! (:

I am nervous & excited. So here it is, the big news... As of next week, I will be HOMESCHOOLING two of my children!! What the heck! Me a homeschooler? I know, I know. I have always said I couldn't handle it and now I find myself being pulled in this direction.

I have actually been thinking/talking/praying about homeschooling for around 2 years now. I have talked myself in and out of it a lot! But there are a lot of reasons, why I have been feeling now is the right time.

The two kids who are starting this year are Harmony & Connor. We have found a charter school, Bridges, that offers a home school/independent study program. We are given a teacher who helps me set up a curriculum, helps me with lesson plans and basically is just there to help me. Two days a week, they will attend "enrichment classes". They are problem solving, music, language arts, pe, yoga & Connor's favorite: LEGO'S!! Yes there is a Lego class! They are also allowed to go on all field trips, participate in science fairs and anything else that they have going on at the school.

Ethan "hero worships" his current teacher. It is also his last year at the school. Because of that, we have decided to leave him where he is. Ivan was another concern because of his therapies & IEP through his current school. But they can give him the exact same services there. However, changing his routine & schedule is not easy on him. So we have also decided to leave him where he is. Next year, Ethan & Ivan will join us at home.

Am I crazy? Probably. But you know what? I know it is right for our family right now. Maybe it won't always be. Or maybe it will. Only time will tell. We meet with the teacher tomorrow to figure out our curriculum!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Super Mom/Super Hero

Are Mom's super hero's? I think so. While we may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, we are capable of a lot. We bake, cook, clean, chauffer, shop, budet,plan, feed...Yeah the list goes on for miles. When I found this on Pintrest, I printed off two!

When my Mom was pregnant with me, she looked to my older siblings for name ideas. At the time, their two favorite tv shows were Donny & Marie and Wonder Woman.

So the two options were Marie...or Wonder Woman. No Lynda (as in Lynda Carter) or Diana Prince (WW's alter ego), just Wonder Woman.

While my mom ultimatley decided to go with Marie, she has been known to call me Wonder Woman.

I found this cup at Ross and knew I had to grab it (: I keep it on the counter right under this...

I am not sure who put the label on there, but I love it!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A New Year re-do

I spent a lot of time over my vacation writing lists and goals, plans and schedules. I had so many good intentions when it came to my resolutions.

view near my parents house the day that we left

I was happy and was excited for the new year and some changes/goals I really wanted to achieve.

So here it is, starting the 2nd week of January, and what happened? Why should I get a re-do? Here are my reasons...

view from the Hood River bridge
1.) We were on vacation for over a week. The drive is 16 hours...each way. So we spent a lot of time in the car. A lot.

2)We arrived home on Sunday the 1st and not only did we have to unpack all the luggage,do all the laundry, find a home for all the new gifts but we had to take all of the Christmas decorations down!

3.) My kids went back to school that Tuesday and I was still not caught up.

4.) One of my resolutions was being more organized with my coupons. I decided I would not set foot in the store until everything was organized. It took forever but it is done. I will not be getting that behind again.

5.) My husband had M-W off from work. He totally throws my schedule off! I love having him around (and going on lunch dates) but...

We also had appointments, church, Cub Scouts, and all those other things that make up our life.

So if I don't deserve a re-do then I don't know who does! I am "pretending" that tomorrow is the first of the month and I will start implementing all those plans and ideas that I spent so much time working on (: Here is too a Happy New Year!

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