Sunday, January 8, 2012

A New Year re-do

I spent a lot of time over my vacation writing lists and goals, plans and schedules. I had so many good intentions when it came to my resolutions.

view near my parents house the day that we left

I was happy and was excited for the new year and some changes/goals I really wanted to achieve.

So here it is, starting the 2nd week of January, and what happened? Why should I get a re-do? Here are my reasons...

view from the Hood River bridge
1.) We were on vacation for over a week. The drive is 16 hours...each way. So we spent a lot of time in the car. A lot.

2)We arrived home on Sunday the 1st and not only did we have to unpack all the luggage,do all the laundry, find a home for all the new gifts but we had to take all of the Christmas decorations down!

3.) My kids went back to school that Tuesday and I was still not caught up.

4.) One of my resolutions was being more organized with my coupons. I decided I would not set foot in the store until everything was organized. It took forever but it is done. I will not be getting that behind again.

5.) My husband had M-W off from work. He totally throws my schedule off! I love having him around (and going on lunch dates) but...

We also had appointments, church, Cub Scouts, and all those other things that make up our life.

So if I don't deserve a re-do then I don't know who does! I am "pretending" that tomorrow is the first of the month and I will start implementing all those plans and ideas that I spent so much time working on (: Here is too a Happy New Year!

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Susan said...

What do the dates matter anyway? The important thing is committing to your goals, being excited about them, and working toward them, no matter what time of year it is. Good luck with everything!

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