Saturday, June 4, 2011

cost of peer pressure


My oldest boy turned 10 in May.

I  have 4 boys.


Until today I have paid a grand total of $0 for hair cuts for them. I don't count the cost of the clippers because my husband also uses them.

All I know how to do is buzz their heads. We are not talking a fancy shmancy hair cut.

They complain for about 5 minutes and move on with their lives. Don't you just love boys?

Now that they are getting a bit older, they want a little more variety.A little more on top or a mohawk or... I don't know how to do it though so...a buzz they get. After a lot of pressure from them, I gave in today.

My daughter had an out door concert today, which was across the street from a certain no appt. needed place. When it came time to pay...I was SHOCKED at the cost. $47!!! Before tip! And to be honest, they really just needed it trimmed around the ears and neck. Never, never again am I paying for a hair cut for them!

The new rule for the boys, if you want to anything other than a buzz cut, you earn the money. I am not doing it. I don't care what their friend's hair looks like.

Having only one girl, I take her in every couple of months. She is growing hers out though so I can do quick trims in between times. If I mess up, she just wears a pony tail for awhile :)

So how about you, how do you save money on hair cuts? Or do you just bite the bullet and go pay?


Carrie said...

Was $47 for all 4 boys? Because if it was I don't think it's unreasonable.
My son is 14 and our quick-cut no-appointment-needed place is just over $16 (he's considerd an adult). I cut his hair for years and when he wanted a more professional-looking cut I started taking him there. He only needs a haircut every 2 months or so and I pay for it. Self esteem in teeagers is fragile. They are very concious about their appearance. If it makes him feel better to have a certain haircut I don't think 16 bucks, every few months, is is too much to pay.

Marie said...

It was for the 3 older boys. The baby's hair is still so fine that I don't touch it.(:

To be honest, my boys really don't care. They are still young enough that it isn't a big deal. But I agree that once they get older, things will probably change!!

I just get used to the prices on base. You can get a military cut for $8, and that is for any aged boy.

Julie said...

I cut the boys hair myself. I spent a good chunk of money on a nice set of clippers, and have definitely made my money's worth back. The girls get a hair cut maybe 2 times a year.... and for the matter, that's about how often I get one, too. :) I think $47 is a LOT to pay for 3 simple boy cuts. Maybe you could just try to cut their hair differently in 'style' and if it doesn't work, then fall back on the buzz cut... it will easily cover any mistakes. Just take a few times and practice.

Marie said...

Julie, I talked to Ben today and he said he would practice and try to get a little more on top. Connor is the one who really likes to have a little more on top. He literally asked for a haircut like his Dad's. Sigh. Maybe I am just cheap (:

Matt and Tiana said...

$47.00!!! I trade haircuts with my SIL's sister. I babysit her son and she cuts and colors my hair. It works out perfectly.

Laci said...

I cut Ryan and Asher's hair. Instead of buzzing it, just start by transitioning to a crew cut, so it will be a little bit longer on top. I do a 4 on top for Asher (and that leaves enough to spike up all over the top), then do a 2 on the sides and back and blend in between with a 3. And like somebody said above, if it doesn't work out the first time...just buzz it!!!

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