Friday, June 3, 2011

24 hours!!

As an addition to this blog, I now have a Facebook page. With deals coming at us faster and faster, it seems one of the easier ways to post. So come visit me on facebook. My page has the same name as this blog... California Clippin' I am sure there is a way to link to it but for now I am not sure. (: I will see what I can do though!

Now to the good part. I am trying to get plenty of "likes" on my page. So I am giving away a subscription to the magazine All You. It is FULL of coupons every month. My favorite is the coupon for $1 off any White Cloud toilet paper that shows up every once in awhile! Being a Mom of 5 we go through a lot of tp in this house!!

So my 50th follower will get a 1 yr subscription and 1 for the person who sent them there. If you sign up because of me and not someone else, that other subscription will go into a random drawing!

Once I reach 100...I have a BIG giveaway coming so start liking! Spread the word!

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