Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Yesterday was my kitchen day. I spend the day slicing up vegi's & fruit, and getting things into the freezer. I was very productive yesterday...

In my freezer I now have:
2 pans of beef enchiladas
bannana bread w/ nuts
bannana bread w/ choc chips (no nuts)
bags of chopped onions, green peppers
chopped apples ready for an apple crisp
4 bags of shredded cheese
4 bags of turkey
4 bags of diced ham
2 bags of diced chicken
6 bags of red rice

Now before you think that I did all that in one day... I didn't. The turkey & chicken were cooked on a different day. I just cut it up and froze it. Ben made the rice, all I did was put it in individual portions. The breads were all made earlier.

However, the best part of my kitchen day came at the end! The cookie jar was empty and you know we just can't have that around here! So I made the Homemade Oreo cookie recipe on Mommy's Kitchen. It was sooo easy and soo good!

Harmony's eyes actually rolled back in her head a little and she exclaimed, "these are delicous. You need to quadruple this recipe!"

Ben said, "you made these?!" ( I tried to not be offended)Even the chocolate cookie part? Wow, these taste just like Oreo cakesters!" He thought I bought them! Oh it was a good day. I would highly recommend making these cookies. I really enjoy her site and have tried lots of her recipes. If you want to visit you can go here

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Homemaker Monday

It is amazing how fast a week can get away from you! Sad I missed the last week. But here we go...

The weather in my neck of the woods: hot and humid, just like every day!

A simple pleasure I enjoy: getting a new itune :)

On my bedside table: a book of word searches, ipod, pen, chapstick

On my tv: a Perry Mason movie (my husband loves to tease me about watching "old people shows"

On the menu for tonight:
enchiladas, corn bread, steamed vegi's ( I am going to make 2 pans worth and freeze one of both the enchiladas and bread!)

On my to do list:
4 phone calls that need to be made
whole house clean up
re-do my kids chore/routine charts since school is starting next week
send a card to my sister for her anniversary

New recipe I tried this week: I don't know if it is a "new recipe" but I did make my own pizza(for the first time!!) using Sandra's pizza dough recipe

In the craft basket: nothing, but wheels are turning for a Christmas card idea

Looking forward too: school starting next week, and my husbands job turn over finally being over

Homemaking tip of the week: I am really bad about keeping my car cleaned out. So every time I get out, I always take 5 things with me. Garbage or items to be brought in. If my kids are with me I make them do it too!! It makes it a lot quicker to clean up.

Favorite blog post from the week: I have been reading a series on menu planning on the website Like Mother Like Daughter. It has been really helpful!

Favorite photo of the week: at the top! My two youngest watching Clone Wars on my bed

Lesson learned the past few days: I am on facebook a lot and some of my friends from school have been struggling with the "fathers of their children". I learned that I need to be grateful for my husband. He works long hours and that is hard, but he is doing it for us. I am so glad that I have him in my and my childrens lives.

On my prayer list: family and friends. Ecspecially my kiddos right now as there are lots of big changes coming their way!

Devotionals/scriptures: A friend quoted this for me, " Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, the devil says "Oh crap, she's up!"

Have a great week everyone!

In the craft basket:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


While I was doing Close to my Heart,I taught a lot of beginners how to scrapbook. I was always surprised when they would get worried about ruining their piece of paper. I would hear that frequently. I would always answer, "it's just a piece of paper. If you ruin it, you get another one out." I didn't see the big deal.

Well when it comes to cooking & baking, there are certain things that have just seemed too hard! It's easier to just buy it right?

Our family eats a lot of pizza. It's my favorite! :) Our favorites are a certain brand that rhymes with Figornio. Those are about $4-5 a pop. So I decided to try to make my own. After all, if I mess it up, it's just yeast and flour right?

So I made my own...and it tastes great! I even made my own breadsticks! The kids devoured them. Oh to much fun! So easy and so cheap. Love it.

Trying to decide what I should try next...

Monday, August 17, 2009


Last night I went out with our spouse club, and watched the movie Julie&Julia. It was very cute and I enjoyed it. I had read a review of it from a fellow blogger and so I braced myself...only to find that I didn't think their review was accurate. I thought the movie was fun. Anyway, this story does have a point!

At the beginning of the movie Julie is talking to her husband about why she feels she never finishes anything. After a while she says, "it's because I am ADD."

Her husband looks at her, shocked and says, " you are ADD?"

Her reply, "yes it is why I am such a lousy housekeeper!"

That is how I have been feeling this past week. My husband came home Sunday night. Any time he is gone, no matter if it is a deployment or just a couple of weeks, I want the house to be perfect for him. It is kind of like nesting.

That was my focus last week, and so this week I feel tired and un-focused. I spent the majority of my day yesterday on facebook!

Today the fridge is looking a little empty, the dining room table is piled high, and the Mt. Wash Me is over taking the laundry room. So even though I am behind on Meme's and want to participate fully, I am going to wait until I have some more order around here.

I am going to plug in my ipod and do Flylady's crisis clean until I get the house looking nice. It won't take long, but I need to dig in!Too much time on the
computer = not enough time doing things I need too!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Homemaker Monday

Sometimes I forget what day I am supposed to do certain Meme's. I think it is because I am a day ahead! Ah well! Still fun, even if it is Tuesday for me!

The weather in my neck of the woods: sunny with a light breeze

One of my simple pleasures: naps

On my bedside table: The Time Travelers Wife (not a good book to start when you have little sleep! It's kind of confusing!)

On my tv: the kids are watching Scooby Doo

On the Menu for tonight: a ham and egg breakfast casserole cooked in the crock pot

On my to do list: finish paperwork for the kid's enrollment in school, laundry always, refill the cookie jar

New recipe I tried last week: Easy butter cookies

In the craft basket: still nothing :(

Looking forward to: talking to my husband and him coming home on Sunday

Homemaking tip of the week: clean as you go!

Favorite blog post of the week: just new recipes :) I love food blogs

Favorite photo of the week: My daughters 10th b-day (at the top)

Lessons learned this past week: sleep is very, very important

On my prayer list: husband and kids always, and my grandma who is not feeling well

Devotionals/Scripture Reading: I haven't really done anything. I need to make the time!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Slow cooking Thursday

Every day from about 4:30-7:30 my (almost) 4 week old son is fussy. This is the only time of the day that he is. However, he goes all out! Screaming, crying and doesn't want to be put down. I am unable to make dinner without holding him. With my husband being out of town, I have no one to either A) pass the baby on to while I make dinner or B) make dinner and serve my other 4 kids. Dinner time is now known as the "bewitching hour" at our house.

So I decided to turn to my trusty crockpot. I was eager to post today and join this meme so I looked through my Fix It and Forget it Cookbook. I used a recipe for chicken, adapting it just a little bit.

At dinner time my 8 year old son, who is probably my #1 fan when it comes to cooking/baking said, "what are we having?" I told him teriyaki chicken from the crockpot. To which he replied, "I REMEMBER WHEN YOU MADE THAT! IT WAS SO DRY THAT WE HAD TO DIP IT IN RANCH!" Out of the mouth of babes right? be perfectly's true!

I have had success with ham, roast, soups, chili etc. But never with chicken. Ever. So instead of posting my less than successful recipe, I just wanted to ask if anyone has tips for cooking chicken in the crock pot? Am I cooking it too high? Too long? Anyone know? Any advice would be appreciated. Next week I hope to report with a successful recipe! :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Homemaker Monday

Ooh, very excited to find fun new meme's! This is my first time! I know I am a little late so please forgive me! Here goes...

Weather in my neck of the woods: I live on the island of Guam. We are currently in the rainy season! So it is wet, grey and windy!

One of my simple pleasures: going to my inbox and finding an email from my husband (he is out of town right now!)

On my bedside table: does this mean what I am reading? Or is it what is on my table? I'll just do both, book I am reading "The Sane Woman's Guide to a Large Family". On my table...lamp, clock, binky, a burp cloth

On my tv: nothing! Tonight I will be watching the movie "New In Town"

On the menu for tonight: stroganoff, peaches, carrots, toast

On my to do list: put laundry away, clean up kitchen (again!)

New Recipe I tried last week: Chicken Cordon Bleu casserole. Very good!

In the craft basket: **big sigh** nothing

Looking forward to: a nice quiet evening

Homemaking tip of the week:I have an almost 4 week old baby, and I find myself on the couch or rocking chair a lot. With my husband being gone, I find myself sending my 4 older kids to fetch a binky, or a diaper, wipes etc. So I got a basket and filled it with: diapers, wipes, binky, burp cloth, extra outfit, extra onesie, socks, chapstick, a pen, notebook. Every night I look at what has been used and than I restock. It has made it so much easier to have everything right at my fingertips!

Favorite blog post of the week: Hmmm, I am not even sure! I will have to pay more attention next week!

Favorite photo from the last week: It is at the top!

Lesson learned from the last week: With a newborn and my husband gone I have been really tired. I mean REALLY tired. But it doesn't give me an excuse to be grumpy with my older kids. It is not their fault.

On my prayer list: always my husband and kids

Devotionals, scriptures or key verses:once again I will have to pay more attention. Right now I just keep finding that the ones that mean the most are about relying on the Lord and not myself

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Show and Tell Friday

Today for Show and Tell, I thought I would share something that my husband built for me.

I am a very lucky lady. My husband is very handy. However he also has this incredible gift, to look at something (a piece of wood, a piece of furniture etc) and see what else it could be. Does that make sense? This was "just a shelf". He built it when our boys needed a little extra storage. Nothing fancy, just a shelf.

We recently moved and I was having a problem finding places to put our office/desk items. At first we just put the shelves on the floor and called it good. But he had something different in mind.

So he took the shelf and added these doors to it. I picked out the handles but he did it all. The colored squares and rectangles were all of his own design. Now I can put the majority of my stuff in and put it behind closed doors. The other great thing about this shelf? The only item that we bought was the hinges. :)

Thanks for looking at my show and tell. I could have a whole series on just things my husband has made! :) If you want to see more, just go over to Kelli's.

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