Thursday, September 30, 2010

Witching Hour

From 3-5pm my little angels, turn into little demons.

Trying to help 4 kids get their homework done, afterschool snacks, hearing about everyones day,keeping up with a now somewhat mobile baby, getting ready for Scouts and other activities, making dinner...ugh.

It is just too crazy sometimes.

Sometimes, when my kids are just too out of control, I make them run laps. It's true. Around here we call them HEALTHY HEART LAPS.

Depending on how crazy I feel they are acting that is how I determine how many they do!

They are not always happy to do it, as you can tell by the pictures of my oldest son, but they usually are calm afterward. If not, they go back out for more.

Does that sound too harsh?! I don't think so. They need an outlet for their energy and tv & video games just don't cut it!
Is there anything you do to keep the calm at the witching hour?


Beth said...

I think that's a great idea!! I was actually watching Austin's football practice the other night and was thinking I should make him run laps like they do there!

Jill said...

I think it's great! There's nothing better then outdoor exercise to get the "wiggles" out. :-) Better do so now before it gets too bitter cold. Have a great afternoon!

Marie said...

Thanks for the support! (:

Luckily Jill we are in So.Cal, so they can run laps year round!

Susan said...

Eric's dad used to pay the kids (a nickel?) for every lap they ran around the house. If it wasn't so dang hot outside, I'd make my kids do the same thing, although I probably wouldn't pay them :)

Marie said...

Wow, Susan. Glenn is nice. I totally wouldn't pay my kids!

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