Thursday, September 16, 2010

chore charts

Finally! I have been dealing with finding "the perfect chore chart" forever.

One day I was in the dollar spot at Target and...I found these. I figure if they don't end up working for us, I won't feel bad because I didn't spend an arm and a leg for them!

So far they are working well. One of my hardest problems is deciding how much each job is worth.

It is important for me to pay per job, not per week, or month whatever. It shows my children that if you don't do your jobs, you lose out that day.

These came with a pkg. of stickers. Ivan (5 y rs old) loves to see stickers accumulate on his chart. I also know that my other kids will make a competition out of it. One time, my oldest boy had a full chart where the others had a few here and there. The next week they worked a lot harder!

All I want is help around the house! They make 99.9% of the messes is only fair.

Do you pay your children an allowance? If so, how much and how frequently?

Mine is a work in progress, and I am sure there will be a million changes before I figure it out!My favorite chore of all, written at the top, is "Moms Personal SLAVE!" LOL They don't think it is very funny though!

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Keli said...

this looks like it would be worth the money. Hubby and I want to give our 5 year old an allowance, but I don't know how to do it. I don't want to not pay him if he does some of his chores, but he doesn't deserve the whole thing for not doing all the work. I like your idea of pay by the chore. And I LOVE the charts! I wonder if I could find any at our Target...

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