Sunday, September 12, 2010

Head to toe

Every morning, before my kids are even allowed to put a toe into the play room, I ask them, "Are you HEAD TO TOE READY TO GO?" They know this means that starting with their heads....

Is my hair brushed?
Face washed?
Teeth brushed?
Clean shirt?
Clean underwear?
Clean pants/shorts?
Do I have my socks on?
Do I have my shoes on?
Are my shoes tied tightly?

I think it really helps them to have that visual. Instead of Mom just saying, "are you ready to go?!"

That's what works for me! You can head over to We are THAT family, to get more ideas and tips on just about every subject on the planet! (:


Taylor at Household Management 101 said...

I love this! I tend to ask all the questions individually, and this great expression really seems like it would make intuitive sense to my kids so I didn't have to ask every single question! Thanks for the tip.

Marie said...

Taylor that is what happened to us! I was driving my kids crazy! (: Hope it works for you!

'Becca said...

I'll try that with my 5-year-old. It sounds promising!

I use a similar strategy when packing for a trip: Do I have my hair stuff? Eye stuff? Nose stuff (hankies and allergy med)? etc.

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