Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Homemaker Monday

It is so quiet! After a busy, rowdy, loud weekend, life has returned to normal. Husband off to work, kiddo's at school, and the baby (with no one to bother him!) is taking a nice long nap. Bliss.

The WEATHER in my neck of the woods: this morning was a chilly 55! The grey clouds and fog have broken and now it is sunny and warm.

Things that make me HAPPY:the quiet that comes with a Monday morning

BOOKS I am reading: The Hunger Game Series. These books are so well written and compelling but wow are they disturbing.

What's on my TV today: Matlock (:

On the menu for DINNER:hamburgers, potato salad and applesauce

What is on my TO DO LIST for the day: cleaning out the fridge! ugh I haven't done it since we have moved in!

New RECIPE I want to try soon: So many! Two I want to try are Pepperoni Pizza Pasta and Cookie Pretzel Peanut Bark

In the CRAFT basket:making vinyl signs

Looking FORWARD to this week: Our church womens group is meeting this week and making stockings for the troops. My husband will be gone over Christmas this year (sob) and so it just has a special place in my heart.

TIPS AND TRICKS: When cleaning up, grab and empty basket. Put everything in and go from room to room. When you put something away in one room, look for items that need to be removed. Make one big circle!

fAVORITE blog post of the week: See below

BLOG HOPPING: So this week, I was reading some of the links at Works for Me Wednesday. I clicked on one for a Star Wars cake and found the best site EVER! It took me all of 3 seconds to add it to my favs! Head on over to GLUESTICKS and check out all the fun crafty stuff she has going on! Adorable!

nO WORds nEEdED:My boys...being boys!

lESsoN LeaRNED tHiS week: To keep my priorites straight!

On my MIND: my sweet daughter. She is still managing the rough waters of middle school.

Scriptures & Devotionals: "No worldly success can compensate for failure in the home."


Nicole said...

Love your tips and tricks!
Also love what you have in your craft basket! I would love a Silhouette or Cricut but still haven't gotten one yet. Hubby can't see spending that much on something like that, yet if it was a tool or something electronic for him... lol

Nicole said...

oh and so jealous of your temps! lol

Marie said...

You know Nicole, my husband was anti-cricut forever! It took years to convince him! But once I used it for all my Christmas cards, birthday party decorations, vinyl, scrapbook pages, chore charts etc. He said, "why didn't we buy that sooner? We could have saved a lot of money on stamps, stickers, etc." So even he was convinced!! (:

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