Thursday, September 2, 2010

product review-Horizon Organic Milk

(image taken from Horizons' facebook page)

** Thanks to Horizon & Bzz Agent, I was given coupons for this product. One was for a free product and the others were cents off. While I tried the product for free, I am not being paid for my opinion.**

I feel like I talk about lunch boxes ALL the time on here! lol But, it is something I do 5 days a week times 4 lunches a day. So, finding ways to make it more fun, interesting, cheaper, healthier...well it's what I do.

I will tell you right now that not every lunch box I make is healthy. That's the truth.

However, I was very excited to be contacted about trying out Horizon Organic Milk. I am constantly buying juice boxes, water bottles, etc to put in my kids lunch bags. Here is some of the info I got in my info kit...

Four flavors: 2% plain, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.

Available in a variety of pkg. counts (3, 12, 18 or single serve)

"Each milk box is 8 oz. of organic goodness. That means Horizon Organic milk was produced without antibiotics, added growth hormones, pesticides or cloning."

"No artificial colors or flavors."

"No high fructose corn syrup."

" Excellent source of Vitamins A & D, calcium. There are also 8 grams of protein per serving."

"Organic milk boxes are specifically packaged to block light and air, so they retain nutrition and freshness, even without refrigeration."

I bought 6, three chocolate and three strawberry for the first day of school. I asked my kids later what they thought:

Harmony tried both flavors and gave both 5/5 stars. She said "it was just really good"

Ethan also tried both and gave the chocolate a 4/5 and the strawberry 5/5. When I asked why he voted that way he just shrugged. Gotta love kids! (:

Connor is my most picky. It takes a lot to get a "Connor approved rating". He refused to try the strawberry. He gave the chocolate a 3/5 and said he liked Nesquick better "because it tastes more chocolatey". Although he did like the straw. (:

So there you have it. Do you want to try it for yourself? I am having a quick 24 hour giveaway for an envelope of Horizon coupons, including one for a free 3 pk! We all love free right? Just leave me a comment, and I will randomly draw someone!

Have you tried Horizon milk? Or their other products? What did you think?


Amanda said...

I would love to win! Big fan of Horizon milk, though I've never tried flavored!

Keli said...

My boys have been asking me to try this forever and I'm too cheap! LOL I don't buy much without a coupon. I'd love to win!

kelcoled at aol dot com :)

heidigoseek said...

my children love to get it when they go to starbucks with my sister. it's yummy!

Beth said...

I would love to get some for Collin's lunch boxes. He LOVES chocolate milk!!

Monica said...

Giovanni would love to try it, and I like coupons.

Wendy said...

I would love to try this! I'm always up for free stuff :)

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