Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Homemaker Monday

Weather in my neck of the woods: it's always sunny in Camarillo (:

Things that make me happy: being within driving distance of family

Books I am reading:I am between books right now

What's on my tv today: dh is ESPN

On the menu for tonight: meatloaf, mashed potatoes & gravy, rolls, salad

On my to do list for today: lots and lots of laundry

New recipe I tried or want to try: too many to name

In the craft basket: a stuffed bear for my sons' kindergarten class

Looking forward to this week: having my husband home! He took a week of leave!

Tips & Tricks: You know, I've got nothin' today!! (:

My favorite blog posts for the week: sooo insanely busy this week! Didn't do to much hoppin'!

Blog Hopping: see above!

No words needed: Playing peekaboo with one of my blue eyed boys! ( 2/4 have blue)

Lessons learned in the past few days: That I need to do what I feel is best for my kids, not what others think is best

On my mind: my daughter. Still struggling with middle school. Talks of homeschool are in the works.

Scriptures, thoughts or devotionals: " do your best, leave the rest, Angels do no more"

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Book Loving Mommy said...

How did the Charter school hunt go? What exactly is a charter school? I am also still trying to decide what to do. I really love the Sonlight curriculum (although it is spendy at first) but am struggling with just taking the kiddos out of school. I am trying to do what I feel is best...I'm just not sure what that is yet! Lots of prayers are happening here so I will add you to our prayers as well :) Good Luck!

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