Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to school

( My 5 yr old was not very happy at the idea of eating "princess grapes". Do they taste different then regular ones?)

(love note for my non reader!)

(My daughter wouldn't smile because she was freezing!)

Last night, I prepared for today by:

-having all my kids' take baths/showers
-making clothes people
-getting lunches made as far as I could
-packing back packs
- family prayers and lots of hugs and kisses

What I was not prepared for was:
-my kindergartener (who is autistic) not wanting to go to class
-spending so much time trying to deal with him, that my daughter was almost late for her first day of middle school
-chilly weather in the morning, almost 90 degree temps in the afternoon
-all 4 school aged kids being released at 4 different times

I literally ran around like a chicken with my head cut off all day. We are going to get in a schedule and it will all be fine...but whew today was rough. I am completely exaughsted tonight and am headed to bed. But will be up to regular posting tomorrow.

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