Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Homemaking Monday

I woke my kids up with their FAVORITE song this morning. "Get up, Get up, Get out of bed, get up, get up you sleepy heads. Get up, get up get out of bed, so early in the morning." They all sighed and groaned. My 9 yr old exclaimed, " I hate Mondays!!"

So while my kids weren't exactly happy to get up this morning, I am happy to send them off to school! My husband who had all last week off, went back to work. All I can say is I am happy this morning to get back to NORMAL!

WEATHER in my neck of the woods: it's crazy but we are having a heat wave! High 90's today!

THINGS that make me happy: routine

BOOK I am reading: I am really not reading anything right now :(

ON MY TV today: catching up on my DVR while I clip coupons and fold laundry

On the MENU for tonight: sloppy joes

on my TO DO list: finish organizing coupons, fold laundry (no it never ends!), bring a clarinet in to get fixed

NEW RECIPE I want to try soon: BLT dip

In the CRAFT BASKET: so sad, nothing there either. Although I am looking at ideas to use for my Christmas cards!

LOOKING FORWARD to this week: nothing to exciting going on really.

TIPS & TRICKS: Don't do everything by yourself. Teach your kids to help you. It is good for them and for you!

My FAVORITE blog post of the week: I didn't really do much on the computer at all this week!

BLOG HOPPING: see above


LESSONS LEARNED the past few days: No matter how much my husband threw off my schedule by being home, it is worth it. Spending time with our loved ones is more important than a sparkling house. I have barely 6 weeks left before my husband deploys. I don't think I am going to be wishing I had cleaned more!

ON MY MIND: my oldest sister! She is headed into surgery this Wed. Hoping all goes well!

SCRIPTURES, DEVOTIONALS OR THOUGHTS: A new friend of mine said to me, " no matter where your kids go to school (ie public, private, charter, homeschool) they are HOMESCHOOLED by you. Schools do not teach character, patience, compassion etc. You are there first teacher." Why yes, yes she did have me crying! (:

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