Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Homemaker Monday

My husband is taking me to Ikea on Monday. So I am writing this on Sunday and posting it on Monday! Hope everyone has a great labor day!

Weather in my neck of the woods: ok I swear this answer never changes! Warm and sunny!

Things that make me happy: cute little boys who have learned how to balance but aren't walking yet, seeing my daughter snuggle with her Dad during family movie night

Books I am Reading: So I started reading the book "The Icing on the Cupcake", a book I got from the library. I am not enjoying it. I hate when that happens but it is a total chick lit book and just leaves a lot to be desired.

What is on my tv:I am typing this on Sunday so I am watching the Leverage marathon and then the season finale

On the menu for dinner:
I will be shopping all day so am planning to come home to dinner all made. How? Crockpot! Roast, potatoes & gravy, rolls

On my to do list:getting kids ready to go back to school:
washing clothes
signing papers
packing lunches
then big clean day!

new recipe I want to try soon: funny story, but I am going to try to make a new recipe every day this week. I will be sharing my menu for the week later.

In the craft basket: Ugh, I haven't done anything in a while :(

Looking forward to this week: a special devotional at church on Saturday

Tips & Tricks:
Now that school is back in, my alarm clock goes off a lot earlier! To help me get up, I don't keep my clock next to my bed...I leave it in the bathroom! Actually having to get up and turn it off helps me get up and going!

Favorite blog post of the week:I have been so stinkin' busy this week, I am amazed I got anything done! Needless to say, not a lot of blog reading going on!

Blog Hopping: Read answer above!

No words needed, fav photo: kiddo's skyping with Grandma

Lesson learned this past week:No matter how much I want to be the perfect mother, sometimes you just need to let go and let things fall where they may

On my mind: My sister, who is having struggles with her son, our troops, my kids

Scriptures, devotionals, thoughts: As I have been trying to do more with my blog, this verse has really spoken to me:
"Neglect not the gift that is in thee" 1 Timothy 4:14


Anonymous said...

I like your choice of scripture.

I am a teacher so I get up earlier also. Once, I get into the routine, I like it.

Linda said...

I went to Ikea a couple of weeks ago. I hope you have fun.

Linda said...

And the scripture is interesting regarding blogs, thanks for sharing it.

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