Tuesday, September 7, 2010

the X factor

(It's all about the climb...)

This summer I was complaining to my sister, that I just "don't have time to exercise and eat right". We have all said it right?! It's not just me...please tell me it's not.

My 4 older kids are off at school, and I won't see them for another 4 hours. My 14 month old is sleeping. I am sitting here with a fairly clean house, laundry going, dishwasher running and...looking for something to do.

How can I claim I don't have time to exercise?!

I am so stinkin' tired of having an X in front of my clothing size. Or a double digit size on my pants, skirts, dresses etc.

Starting today I am taking little teeny tiny baby steps toward a healthier me. I have written out a list of daily health goals and am excited to start.

I will start sharing the small changes I make and am always looking for good ways to be healthier.

My first step? Upstairs to change clothes and then putting in an exercise DVD!(:

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