Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WFMW-coupon organization

When it comes to coupons, one of the questions I am constantly asked is:


So I am going to give you a brief history of my couponing organization!

When I first started, I used, just like most people, a handy dandy coupon file.

It worked great, at first. But the more I got into couponing, the more coupons I was getting. I just didn't have enough space to file them all. I would constantly have it "throw up" coupons.

Then I moved to the NO CLIP SYSTEM.

With this system, you file your coupon inserts by date and kind. (Ex. Smart Source 9/26). Then as you are going through your store ads, and making lists, all you have to do is look up where the coupon is, clip and take to the store.

This also worked great at first. I wasn't getting behind on my clipping, and I could find everything easily.

But then, I would get to the store and find an unadvertised sale. Or make a quick stop (are they ever quick?) and have zero coupons with me. So obviously that wasn't working.

Then I heard about THE BINDER SYSTEM. This is what I use currently.

Using a binder (trapper-keeper style) fill it with baseball card holders. Clip coupons and file by whatever means works for you. I file by types. ( Breakfast items (non cereal), bread, rice, Mexican etc)

Having them in clear pockets makes your coupons very easy to find. I also keep a pair of scissors, pens, highliter etc. in mine. I can't tell you how many times I have been seen in an empty aisle cutting something out! (:

This is what works for me now. I do have to keep up with my clipping (which I always seem to get behind on!) But this way I always have all my coupons. Also, when I have a lot of coupons, and run out of room...I simply add a new page of card holders.

That is what works for me!

What kind of system do you use? Do you have one? I would love to hear what you do!

For more tips and ideas, head over to We are THAT Family!


Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

Hello! Great organization skills. I keep my coupons in a 13 pocket folder!

I just found your blog through a Wednesday Blog Hop. Have a great night!

Book Loving Mommy said...

I first used the coupon file system (a great friend gave me the little file thing...oh yeah, that would be you) but that quickly got filled up and so then I got a little binder. Yesterday I bought the big binder with the baseball card holders. I spent all night organizing it but let me tell you how proud I am of that thing! All thanks to your great tips :)

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