Saturday, September 18, 2010

let's do lunch!

Before school started, I shared an incredibly long list of lunch box ideas, which you can find here.

I certainly could have used it this week!!

Having a big stockpile/pantry, I am usually prepared with a lot of different snackish items. Granola bars, fruit snacks, yogurts, crackers, cookies, chips...You get the idea.

But I don't like looking at my childs' lunch box and just seeing pre-packaged snacks. I like their lunches to be special, because they are special! (:

This week while doing my freezer cooking, I am going to do a few things to prepare for next weeks' lunches! They are:

***boil eggs. My kids love having hard boiled eggs! You can also use an edible marker to write a note on the shell!

***make pasta! Mix with sauce (probably alfredo) and put it into containers.

*** using up mini bagels to make bagel bites.

*** making pb &j/ pb & honey sandwiches and freezing them. I make them, remove the crusts, put in a sandwich bag, then place them back inside the bread bag. Does that make sense?

Using the weekend to prepare for the week, makes the mornings much less stressful!

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