Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Is this normal?

First view of Ralphs haul!
2nd view of Ralphs haul. Those Pepperidge Farm cookies? .88 after coupon!

Part of my Vons haul. It was just to hard to get a good pic. of everything!

Vons trip. I had a very hard time getting a good picture of everything!

2nd trip to Albertsons. Ben likes Powerade and I like the My Coke Rewards points! Win, Win!

This is just one of my cute little grocery stacking helpers!

This is the haul from my first trip to Albertsons

Every time I return from the store (any store) my kids all gather near and...

"don't worry Mom, I will get your groceries ready for a picture."
I mean, does anybody else have this happen to them? Lol

So this is what I got yesterday...

Albertsons (1st trip): before coupons and savings card it was $191. After it was $98. I wasn't that happy about it but...knowing I am having my first House Party on Saturday (upcoming post!) I knew I would need a little more snack-y foods.

Albertsons (2nd trip) I realized that I had forgotten a few things the first time around. Hello. Anyway, I went back and got the rest of what I wanted. The total before coupons and savings was a little over $100. In the end I paid $30! I was very impressed with myself! (:

Vons: So I love Vons. Not just for prices, customer service etc. I love their bakery, sandwiches etc. I try hard to stick to my list but things just kept "accidentally" finding their way to my cart. However, I still did pretty well! My total before was $301 and I brought it down to $150. I had a little over 50% savings. (This even included: 2 deli salads, 4 pack of bakery eclairs, Sandra Lee's Semi Homemade magazine, a deli sandwich...yeah.

Ralphs: After spending so much time at Vons, I was just going to go home. But after glancing at my list for Ralphs I knew there were so many deals I just couldn't pass up. I cut my list by ALOT, but still got the major items I wanted. And while I was there, I saw a lady matching her list with her coupons. So we had a little chat and shared our good deals. (: Couponers are so nice and friendly! My cashier was the SLOWEST cashier on record. I had a before total of $198 and got it down to $50. Ka-ching. Love it.

Can't wait to see what comes up this week!


Susan said...

Very nice! Those are excellent hauls (I love the PF Sausalito cookies - yum!). I'm waaaayyy behind on my coupon clipping, but thanks for the inspiration. Maybe I'll get them all done during Conference this weekend :)

Marie said...

Ivan loved the Albertsons haul. Fruit snacks, cookies, crackers....

That was my plan for conference. Getting all my clipping done from last week.

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