Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cooking Thursday

(just a reminder to my kids!)

( I added brown vinyl to my cookie jar)

(doesn't the cookie jar look so much better full?!)

(the finished project!)

My 8yr old had had a rough morning. As we were walking to school, I noticed tears in his huge blue eyes. I gave him a big hug and asked him what I could do to turn his day around. It was a one word answer. Simple. Easy...COOKIES!

He wanted something with caramel. I decided on cake mix cookies.

I chopped up some Rolo's and threw them in also. Yum! Nice and chocolatey and ooey gooey!

I had just finished decorating the outside of my cookie jar, but it looked so lonely with nothing in there! These cookies filled it up very nicely!

Oh and that cute little blue eyed boy...he LOVED them too!

For more yummy recipes , head on over to Diary of a Stay at Home Mom!


Sandra said...

Love your cookie jar, that is a great idea for decoration :)

The cookies sound delicious.

Jen said...

What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing. Have a great week!

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