Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Homemaker Monday

It is amazing how fast a week can get away from you! Sad I missed the last week. But here we go...

The weather in my neck of the woods: hot and humid, just like every day!

A simple pleasure I enjoy: getting a new itune :)

On my bedside table: a book of word searches, ipod, pen, chapstick

On my tv: a Perry Mason movie (my husband loves to tease me about watching "old people shows"

On the menu for tonight:
enchiladas, corn bread, steamed vegi's ( I am going to make 2 pans worth and freeze one of both the enchiladas and bread!)

On my to do list:
4 phone calls that need to be made
whole house clean up
re-do my kids chore/routine charts since school is starting next week
send a card to my sister for her anniversary

New recipe I tried this week: I don't know if it is a "new recipe" but I did make my own pizza(for the first time!!) using Sandra's pizza dough recipe

In the craft basket: nothing, but wheels are turning for a Christmas card idea

Looking forward too: school starting next week, and my husbands job turn over finally being over

Homemaking tip of the week: I am really bad about keeping my car cleaned out. So every time I get out, I always take 5 things with me. Garbage or items to be brought in. If my kids are with me I make them do it too!! It makes it a lot quicker to clean up.

Favorite blog post from the week: I have been reading a series on menu planning on the website Like Mother Like Daughter. It has been really helpful!

Favorite photo of the week: at the top! My two youngest watching Clone Wars on my bed

Lesson learned the past few days: I am on facebook a lot and some of my friends from school have been struggling with the "fathers of their children". I learned that I need to be grateful for my husband. He works long hours and that is hard, but he is doing it for us. I am so glad that I have him in my and my childrens lives.

On my prayer list: family and friends. Ecspecially my kiddos right now as there are lots of big changes coming their way!

Devotionals/scriptures: A friend quoted this for me, " Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, the devil says "Oh crap, she's up!"

Have a great week everyone!

In the craft basket:

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Sandra said...

I hope you enjoyed the pizza dough, it's the only one I use and my family LOVES it :)

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