Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Yesterday was my kitchen day. I spend the day slicing up vegi's & fruit, and getting things into the freezer. I was very productive yesterday...

In my freezer I now have:
2 pans of beef enchiladas
bannana bread w/ nuts
bannana bread w/ choc chips (no nuts)
bags of chopped onions, green peppers
chopped apples ready for an apple crisp
4 bags of shredded cheese
4 bags of turkey
4 bags of diced ham
2 bags of diced chicken
6 bags of red rice

Now before you think that I did all that in one day... I didn't. The turkey & chicken were cooked on a different day. I just cut it up and froze it. Ben made the rice, all I did was put it in individual portions. The breads were all made earlier.

However, the best part of my kitchen day came at the end! The cookie jar was empty and you know we just can't have that around here! So I made the Homemade Oreo cookie recipe on Mommy's Kitchen. It was sooo easy and soo good!

Harmony's eyes actually rolled back in her head a little and she exclaimed, "these are delicous. You need to quadruple this recipe!"

Ben said, "you made these?!" ( I tried to not be offended)Even the chocolate cookie part? Wow, these taste just like Oreo cakesters!" He thought I bought them! Oh it was a good day. I would highly recommend making these cookies. I really enjoy her site and have tried lots of her recipes. If you want to visit you can go here

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Susan said...

Wow! I'm impressed. Those Oreos look really, really good - I'm going to have to check out the recipe.

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