Friday, June 3, 2011

Are you brand loyal?

(Finally remembered to use those green bags!)

So we all know not to be brand loyal right? It CAN cost you $$ right?  Well lets look at the flip side for a moment shall we?

For the most part, I buy Coke brand products. Nothing against Pepsi, it's just that...well I earn MyCokeRewards points. My husband has PT (physical training with the military) at least 3x's a week, on top of any other exercise he does. He also, when wanting something to drink but not carbonated, he usually goes for...a Powerade or Gatorade. Powerades, with the black cap, has rewards points. When coke products are on sale, I usually grab those. I don't ALWAYS do it. For me it is always PRICE before anything. But here is how I see it...
Buy coke products on sale & with coupon.
Get points.
Redeem points. While they have lots of offers, I usually just get free item coupons guessed it...coke products.
Use free coupon to score free coke.
Get the points.
Rinse and Repeat.

I laughed when my friend pulled out a huge stack of loyalty cards the other day, but seriously, if a place offers a loyalty card GET IT. Ecspecially if it is something you are going to buy anyway!

Does your movie theater offer a loyalty card? Ours does. You can redeem rewards for concessions.

My son's favorite place to get ice cream has a buy 10 cones get one free.

A local gift shop offers a punch every time you spend $5. Earn enough and you get $10 towards your purchase.

Loyalty rewards can go from shops to products. Kind of like the Coke.

Personally, I am signed up for:
*Tropicana Rewards
* My Coke Rewards
*Stouffers Dinner Club
*Disney Movie Rewards
* Huggies
*almost every hotel I have ever stayed at
*frequent flyer miles
*Warner Brothers Rewards
*Game Stop
*Famous Footwear
*Babies R Us
Honestly I could go on for a lllllong time!

It can't hurt to ask places. Also being placed on a mailing list can also give you the chance to get coupons and discounts. Remember, the goal is to never pay full price for anything!! Using your reward points is like icing on the cake!

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