Thursday, March 4, 2010

cooking Thursday

I have been visiting the sites of those who are participating and all I can say is yum! There are some yummy recipes being linked. I will definatley be trying the Beef & Brocoli and the Coconut pie this week! If you want to check them out, you can go to Diary of a Stay at Home Mom

I had a request for my recipe for Caramel Apple Salad. It is such a quick and yummy fruit salad. My kids love it. So it is totally kid approved.

Funny story about the recipe, I was visiting my Mom right before we moved to Guam. I found the recipe in a magazine at her house. I got permission to rip it out. I did and carried it in my carry on all the way to Guam just so I could make it! (:

I originally posted this over a year ago, so I am just going to link to the recipe. If you make it let me know how you liked it! You can find the recipe here


Renee said...

All those recipes sound delicious! Thanks for sharing.


Sandra said...

Sounds SO good, thank you for sharing :)

Katie said...

Hey there! Not a recipe comment, but a thank you! Thank you for your comment and please join us in fighting for our boys! You are so right in saying how our husbands battle with this everyday, too. Thanks again and happy Thursday! OH! And grab the saving our boys button if you want and link up your experiences! The more people that take a stand the more chance we have of making a difference. Sorry such a long comment : ) Thanks again.

shopannies said...

I am your newest follower I love new recipes, home making tips etc.. and want to see what you share next

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