Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This week has been an interesting one...and it is only Wednesday! Monday was pretty normal. Tuesday I slept through my alarm, and we were late from the moment my feet hit the floor. You know, if Mom doesn't get up then the kids don't! Except of course on the weekends! This morning I was up with my alarm, went walking, showered and had lunches made before 6! We were out the door earlier than normal even with extra trips inside, for forgotten items!

I would much rather repeat TODAY over and over instead of the other. I hate that rushed feeling and it affects my mood and the kids.

I grew up in a home where my Dad's motto is/was "If you are not 10 minutes early then you are late!" So I am constantly early! Or at least try too.

You know how doctors or dentists etc. want you there 15 minutes before your appt? Well what I do, instead of writing down the actual time of the appt. on my calender, I write down the 15 minutes before. For example if my actual appt. is at 10:30 I will write it down as 10:15. That way, I make sure to give myself just a few more extra minutes. I am rarely late for an appt. when I do this!

That's what works for me! You can go to Rocks in my Dryer, who is hosting this week and find tons of other great ideas!


Amanda said...

I do the same thing! lol

Heather@WoolandFlax said...

That's so funny...I've done it before too. Sometimes I have to trick myself in order to be on time!

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