Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Homemaker Monday

What a crazy day it has been!! I was all prepared for a day of getting errands done, and instead found myself in the ER with my son! The life of a mother I tell ya! He is fine, he just has an infection. So after some antibiotics he should be back to normal!


Weather in my neck of the woods: It has been raining off and on all day. At the moment it is pretty sunny.

One of my simple pleasures: an ice cold diet coke on a crazy busy day!

On my bedside table: a new issue of Country Sampler and a BHG issue on organization

On my tv: Pokemon (2 of my boys are home)

On my menu:

On my to do list: update blogs, straighten living room, laundry, baking Shamrock shaped cookies

New recipe I tried last week: Last week was sooo insane, I didn't try anything new!

In the craft basket: I made a lepurchan catcher for my son

Something I am looking forward to: hopefully a little nap!

Homemaking tip for the week: if you "live" in your car like I do, every time you get out, have each person take 4 or 5 things out. That way you can get trash, books, toys etc. out without doing a huge clean up job!

Favorite blog post of the week: I have been reading so many great sites about saving money at the grocery store!

Favorite photo from the week: at the son right before he was baptized

Lesson learned the past few weeks: don't just say "I'm fine" if you aren't. Talk to someone and be open and honest!

On my prayer list:
family and friends
military overseas

Devotionals/prayers/scriptures from this week: "There is beauty all around when there's love at home." From the LDS hymn Love at Home

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Sandra said...

Sweet photo :)

I like your tip for this week, that really does help keep the car clean.

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