Saturday, March 20, 2010

One sharp bunch!

My two older kids spent the week doing the Terra Nova standardized testing. My daughter actually referred to them as "the Terror Nova" tests. Funny girl. Anyway each class got to have a celebration on Friday. I had volunteered to send in cookies for each class. I know that I could have grabbed a bag of oreos for each class and they would have been happy but...I couldn't do that! Instead I made about 5 dozen cookies (choc. chip and two different kinds of cake mix). I put them in little goody bags.

I also used my Cricut and cut out some pencils. I colored in the pink eraser and the black tip. I wrote Good job on each one and then tied them to the bags. I made a big one for their teacher that said, " Way to go Ms.__________ class! You are one sharp bunch!"

I thought they turned out cute and both kids reported back that their friends loved them. If you have the time and energy, go the extra mile. It really does make it more fun!

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Lora said...

Hi, Marie!

Just wanted you to know that I drew your name for the bunnies and cabbages tea-for-one and s&p set!! Whoo hoo!!

I couldn't find your email, so could you email me at: so I can get your mailing info:)

Thank you and congratulations on winning!!

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