Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WFMW-car kit

(the inside)

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From reading my blog, you might get the impression that I am a stay at home Mom. However, I don't consider myself to be at home...I consider myself to be an in the car Mom! From grocery shopping, to errands, to pre-k drop offs and pick ups, from Girl Scouts to Cub Scouts, to church and church activities....we log a lot of time in our van!

I have learned many times the importance of being prepared. We have been on the road to school when a child admits to not eating breakfast. Or getting caught in a sudden downpour (we live on an island) and having no towel or anything to dry off with. We have been stuck without a diaper or missing some wipes. So I finally learned what is necessary for me to keep in the car. For those just in case times!

I used to keep my car kit in a rectangular bucket. However, it just took up to much room. I had a tote bag that wasn't being used and found that much easier to move and keep in the car. I was constantly taking my bucket out for the stroller or groceries etc. This is what I keep in mine. Hopefully it will help you think of things you could keep in yours!

**an extra outfit for my baby and 5 year old
**clean bottle
**extra camera & batteries
**first aid kit
**hair things for my daughter
** a Sharpie
**word searches & pencil
**sun screen
**bug spray
** wet ones
*snack ( I don't tell my kids what is in there because they will sneak to the car and eat it while they are outside playing!!)
**an extra memory card ( I have left mine in the computer a million times!)
**Double AA batteries

This all fits in the tote bag well and it is so nice to know that it is there if I need it!


Jenny said...

that's so nifty. I totally need to put one of these together for my son and us as well.

Kelly said...

Great idea! I always keep a bag in the summer that has swim clothes, sunscreen, water, etc but haven't thought to keep a better stocked bag all year.

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