Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Homemaker Monday

Weather in my neck of the woods: I live on a tropical island...what can I say? Blue skies and sunny!

One of my simple pleasures: having a good mail day!

What is on my bedside table: journal, pen, hair ties, book ( I have 3 or 4!)

What is on my tv: Handy Manny

On the menu for tonight:cheese pizzas, carrot sticks, breadsticks

To do List: vacum, sweep, swiffer, laundry, dishes...oh it never ends!

New Recipe I tried this week:I actually didn't make any this past week but have 3 on the menu for this week

Craft basket: making bookmarks with my daughter's church group tonight

Looking forward to: my son's baptism on Saturday

Homemaking tip: Routines are your friend!I did not follow mine last night or this morning and regretted it! Set up a routine, no matter how simple, and follow it. It will make your day go so much smoother!

Favorite blog post of the week: Although not one blog post, over at Money Saving Mom (link to her site on my side bar under Money Helps) has a great series going on Menu Planning and saving money at the grocery store

Favorite photo of the week: (at the top) My son learned how to ride a big boy bike! Next he just needs to get the training wheels off!

I had to add two because it was also our military ball this week. So the other is my husband and I!

Lesson learned this week: besides the routine one, I realized this week how important it is to get enough sleep. I am a girl who needs a lot and I certainly didn't get it this past week. So I am not being the wife and mother I want to be. Get your beauty sleep!

Prayer list: friends and family, our military serving overseas

Scripture, quote or inspirational thought: Hmmm...

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Sandra said...

I love the pictures, you and your husband make a very handsome couple :)

And yay for your little one riding the big boy bike :)

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