Sunday, March 7, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

So last week I didn't end up making everything I had planned. BUT, that is ok! We ate out only once (and that was only 3 of us). I just made other things from the pantry/freezer. It's all good!

This week will be a very busy week for our family. I am praying that things will start slowing down but I am not sure when that will happen. My menu this week is insanely relaxed as we are going from activity to activity and family members are gone. If you are looking for some more great menu's, you can go to Org Junkie

B: cereal and smoothies
L: leftover pasta from Sunday's dinner, cereal bar, boiled egg, string cheese, brownie and a juice
D:baked spaghetti, rolls and steamed vegi's

Tuesdaay: ( Girls are gone for dinner)
B: mixed berry muffins, instant breakfast, yogurt
L:leftover spaghetti or pb&j, sliced oranges, dried apples, chex mix, drink, nilla wafers
D: cheese pizzas, carrots sticks w/ dip, leftover rolls

Wednesday (boys are gone for dinner)
B: ham, cheese & potato breakfast casserole, juice, leftover muffins
L: leftover pizza or ham wraps with spinach & grated carrots, deviled eggs, chex mix, dried fruit, drink
D: cresant dogs, baked beans, fruit

B: cereal or leftovers
L: leftover cresants or chicken nuggets, apple slices, cereal bar, pretzels, drink
D: teriyaki chicken stir fry over brown rice, rolls

Friday: (boys are gone camping!)
B: cereal or leftovers
L: hoagies, pretzels, fruit snack, grapes,
D: the kids who are staying home: their pick for something special
campers: hot dogs, chips, pop

Saturday: (boys gone until lunch)
B: scrambeled eggs w/ chopped ham, bisquits
L: kid pick
D: our son is being baptized! So we will be eating dinner at our church. Sandwich trays, fruit and vegi trays, treats

B: leftover bisquits w/ ham & cheese slices, smoothies
L:leftovers from last night's dinner
D: crockpot Beef & Brocoli, rolls and rice
Sunday treat: root beer floats

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