Sunday, March 28, 2010


(He was supposed to be helping...he showed off his talents instead!)

(My daughter cutting cucumbers for a salad)

( Connor helping to make a Taquito casserole!)

It has been a crazy, crazy week. I have so many ideas for this blog, and I am working on getting it organized. I have so many topics...from saving $$ at the grocery store, to routines, to kids' chore charts...It just goes on and on!

As I work out the kinks in that system (lol) I wanted to share something that I started this week with my kids.

For those who don't know, I have 1 daughter and 4 boys. I know that at some point they will be off on missions for our church, at college, living on their own, and later becoming parents.

So they need to know how to cook right?

I made a plan (which is written on their weekly routine chart) what night they would be the kitchen helper. And they loooove it! They get to help make dinner while the others have to set/clear off the table.

My daughter was soo cute as she finished the dinner she made. She was just so proud of herself!

Even though it is easier (and way faster!) to make it ourselves...include your kids when you can. You are doing them a great service! So when they are off on their own you know they are eating more than mac and cheese and top ramen! (:

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Alishia said...

Marie, I love your blog! I can't wait to look at everything and borrow some of your recipes and ideas. But right now I am feeling waaay too sick and nauseas. Blah! Thanks for sharing! You rock!

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