Tuesday, March 16, 2010

early mornings

(Mom's patient home from the hospital)

(One skinny foot and one swollen red foot)

The other day a friend of mine asked me, via Facebook, what time I get up. I try to get up at a quarter to five. I know that sounds really early but I am (and always have been) a morning person. My husband is a night owl...and yet we still make it work! LOL

Yesterday morning I got up at normal time. Took the dog out, showered, dressed, made my kid's breakfast and lunches, folded laundry, rebooted the laundry...woke my kids up and helped them get started on their day.

My son came into the kitchen complaining that his foot hurt. He is constantly getting growing pains so I figured that is probably what it was. He started putting his socks on when I noticed that his foot was completely red and swollen.

My husband was in the shower and so I ran in and told him I was taking our son to the ER. I grabbed the baby and my bag and ran out.

Because I had gotten up early, I was ready to go when my son needed me.

Because I had gotten up early, I could throw some muffins and juice in a baggie and cup and give him some breakfast.

Because I had gotten up early, my other kids were completely prepared to get in the car.

Because I had my car kit, I had a blanket, snacks, formula for the baby, a pen, notebook etc.

That is why I get up early. I can't imagine how much crazier my life had been yesterday had I not been up and prepared early!

BTW: he is fine! He has an infection in his foot but is getting antibiotics and the swelling is already going down!

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Susan said...

I hear ya, sister! I always feel better and more ready for the day when I'm up and at 'em early. Unfortunately, it also means going to bed at a decent hour - that's the part I'm not so good at :)

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