Saturday, March 13, 2010

chore charts

I have a verrry hard time delegating. I get frustrated when my kids don't do the chore the right way or when it seems to take FOREVER. I KNOW that I need to teach them. I know it is my responsibility to teach them to be responsible adults. This weekend my husband told me, " they need to have chore charts."

I have tried many different kinds. I have a routine that I have written out for them. But I also want them to help with certain things. Cleaning the kitchen, cleaning bathrooms, the living room etc.

I think what I have a hard time with is when they have to go places in the evenings. For example, every Wed. my boys have Cub Scouts. As soon as their Dad gets home from work, they eat dinner and then head off. By the time they get home it is usually 8 or 8:30 and they are exaughsted. My oldest actually falls asleep on the drive home!!!

So when would I have them help? Before they leave? That is at 6pm, where we still have over an hour before bedtime...

Does anyone have any ideas?I need a system that works but I am not sure what to do.

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Anna said...

I would try a weekly chart - things they have to have checked off by the end of the week. That way each child (with your help maybe) can decide what which days would be best to do their designated chores. I've found that having a little wiggle room helps us stick to our plans better.

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