Thursday, March 11, 2010


(Ethan's lunch consists of a ham sandwich on a hoagie roll, boiled egg, pretzels, fruit snack, juice, cheese and cookies)

(Connor's lunch consists of fruit snack, cheese flavored pretzels, cookies, juice, fettuchini alfredo)

(Harmony's lunch consists of beef and brocoli over rice, string cheese, juice, cookies, dried fruit and a fruit snack)

One of the reasons that I pack my children's lunch is the cost! I have mentioned this before but out here, a school lunch is $3.25. For my three to eat a school lunch for one day it would be $9.75!

I always try to implement leftovers in to my lunch plan. My kids get sooo tired of sandwiches so this is a great way to get rid of leftovers, and not have never been touched sandwiches come home.

One of the problems with planning a strict menu, is that I have a variety of eaters.

Harmony is willing to try just about anything!! She eats seaweed (just munches away on the sheet), she loves pistachios, dried name it, and she will at least TRY it. She is my easiest to pack a lunch for.

Ethan I consider to be kind of a "classic" lunch kid. He likes a sandwich, crackers/chips, fruit and a treat. He is willing to branch out a little but is not a meat eater.

Connor is the absolute pickiest. He is the hardest one to cook & pack for. He is a "meatatarian" (we have called him that ever since we saw the Burger King commercial!). He has a huge long list of things he doesn't like.

These pictures are an example of using up leftovers but still letting them have individualized lunches. Normally my kids take their lunches in their Bento boxes but they were in the dishwasher!

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