Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday

(the before)

(this is the after)

Hmmm...when I first started this blog, I felt that things were just out of control in my home. And months later, I still feel that way. Why? Because I haven't paid attention to it. I absolutely loved doing these challenges, but just haven't been doing them. Well things have been crazy, hectic and life changing around here lately. And so I have decided that it is more important than ever to be organized.

So I am trying to get back on board by...doing a tackle! Although this is not "perfect", I feel so good about getting this done.

My desk is like the death of me. I can not keep it cleared off. It is what Flylady refers to as a hot spot. Well tonight it is cleaned off. I can find everything that I want/need. Can't wait to do something new tomorrow!


Jenny said...

Ahhh...the power of a clean spot! My desk is also a hot spot and I'm amazed at how I feel when it is cleaned off!

I too have not participated in Tackling and I agree with you...things are too busy now and it makes perfect sense to be more organized now...we can do it! lol!

Angie said...

I have a hard time with my desk too. Yours looks much nicer after your tackle -- good job!

Chantelle said...

wow. it looks really nice now.

Anonymous said...

my desk is a hot spot too!

Hadias said...

I need to get around to tackling my desk this week too.

Katie said...

Looking really good! Way to go just getting back on the wagon. I'm a fallen Flybaby too but today was a new day and I rose to the challenge and so did you!

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