Monday, October 6, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday

Oh my heart! Life has been insanely busy around my home! I haven't done a challenge for a while. Not that I haven't been doing anything. I just haven't been writing and posting about it! lol So I had a huge list of "little to do's" that have just been hanging over my head. I finally got the majority of them done! I don't know how to cross things out ( feel free to leave instructions if you can help) but I will just put a little "c" for complete! Sorry no pictures, these were just not the kinds of things you take pictures of!

**chicken in marinade for dinner-c
**dinner side dishes planned-c
**dropped off Netflix-c
**dropped off library books-c
**finished book order stuff for pto-c
**sent pkg for my dh-c
**dropped off a ctmh order
**email preschool teacher pictures
**plan precisely what I will be doing for cub scout den meeting
**updated blog-c
**signed and filled out order forms for school fundraiser(s)-c
** ask q's to pto vice pres-c
**mail birthday card to my sister
**cancel maintenance for the day-c
**respond to email about ctmh order-c
**place new order
**unload dishwasher-c
**start laundry
**have a nice ice cold diet cherry coke-C

And it is only 10:08! Go me! Lots of time left to finish that to do list!

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