Sunday, February 8, 2009


I am currently about 16 weeks pregnant with my 5th child.My youngest just turned four. I honestly had forgotten how hard a pregnancy can actually be on a girl! 3 straight months of morning sickness,2 weeks with a nasty head cold, to be followed the next week with a flu that hit everyone in the home. The next week ( a week ago Sunday) I had a major headache that would just not quit. I still had it by Tuesday, and went and saw my doctor. She felt I was still dehydrated from my flu bug. I spent the rest of the week in and out of the hospital.

While all of this has been going on, there have also been other things going on. Like...a lack of regular meals, a lack of laundry being done, homework neglected until last minute, grumpiness, lost items, stepping on toys in the middle of the night, dishes piling up in the sink...and the counters.

It has been really hard to dewal with. I find myself saying "...but I am pregnant and I just don't feel well." Which is true. But my family is really starting to suffer.

So I decided to join with Crystal over at Biblical Motherhood to get "Back on Track". Starting with going to bed early, waking up early and a morning routine. I want to start slowly with my morning routine so here is what I would like to do...

**unload dishwasher
**put a load of laundry in the washer (but don't start it until AFTER hubby takes a shower!)
**take the dog out, feed and get him water
**make children's lunches
**eat breakfast and take a prenatal
**check email& do computer things (limit of 30 minutes)

Wish me luck. I really want to do this for myself but also for my family. I don't want them to have to deal with the craziness that has been going on around here lately!

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