Monday, March 23, 2009

Making your Home a Haven

Oh how happy I am!! I missed the Making your Home a Haven series the last time it was done. So I was really happy when I looked on Biblical Womanhood and found that it was on again!

This morning the challenge was too pick 5 things that you want to have as your morning routine. I am the kind of person who tends to have a list of 15 items on her routine, and than only gets 1 or 2 done! So I am excited to start small and go from there! So here are my morning five...

**Normally I would have laundry & dishes as a first thing in the morning BUT we are having water heater issues. I have talked to our housing (we are in military housing) and they have told us it is "fixed." Such is not the case though. So I don't do anything having to do with water until after my DH has taken his shower! :)

1)make my bed
2)"swish and swipe" (Flylady's term) the Master bathroom
3)gather up all dirty clothes from upstairs
4)make kid's lunches
5)unload the dishwasher & reload if necessary

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TAMI said...

Love FlyLady - it actually works when I actually do it!! Water heater problems are a real bummer - when it happened to us we all trekked down to the neighborhood pool and showered there for a couple of days.

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