Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Happy Birthday to Ivan!!

OK, how does time go by so stinkin' fast?! I swear I was just in the hospital having this kid!

...and now he is nine. NINE!

So per birthday tradition, here are 9 reasons why I LOVE my nine year old!!

1.He sleeps next to a window, and no matter what the temperature outside, the window is ALWAYS open. And he sleeps cocooned under a good 10-12 blankets.

2. Whatever he loves, he loves it with his whole heart. From Legos, to M & M's, to the American Revolution. He goes all in.

3. He wants to work at LEGOLAND when he grows up.

4. His sweet smiles.

5. When I go pick him up at school, he runs to me like he hasn't seen me for a year and practically knocks me over with a hug! I literally have to brace myself for impact.

6. He only wants to sit by me. At church. During movie night. At the table. That is dedication!

7. He has an awesome sense of humor.

8. He doesn't worry about things like being popular or doing the "cool" thing. He is who he is.

9. He is a good big brother to Mason, even though he struggles with it sometimes!


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