Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another blog? Do I really need another blog? Well my main blog that I know and love is for my family life. Things that are happening with us.I love to do all the challenges about home life (menu plan Monday etc) and wanted a different place to keep up with them all. This way they are not on my regular blog so you don't have to read about my homemaking if you don't want too!

I have this secret desire to be just like Martha Stewart. She is organized, creative, smart and a very hard worker. Her home(s) are immaculate, her life is balanced and organized.I realize that she was in jail,but she wasn't like other celebrities and asked for special treatment. She served her time. And I am not taking about her personal life anyway.

When I was younger,I had no interest in any sort of homemaking skill whatsoever. Who cares about cooking and cleaning? it matters to me. I posted about a conference talk that I read and it really instilled in me a want/need to once and for all get my life and home in order.

So here is my place to share my challenges I participate in, my organizing ideas, house hold hints, recipes and whatever else falls under the listing of "homemaking".

Enjoy and feel free to share any ideas or suggestions!

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