Monday, February 11, 2008

so far..

Sunday night I wrote out my morning routine. I was excited to get started. I didn't do anything that night but just planned to get up and do my routine. Well...since I hadn't done anything, I spent the morning playing catch up. On my routine was " unload dishwasher" well since it was never loaded I had to do that first. I couldn't do the laundry because I needed to make the kids lunches, etc. So...what did I learn? That the evening routine is just as important as the morning. They work together for efficiency.
Harmony has Girl Scouts every Monday. While I love her leader, I would love to have it at a different time. It starts at 5:30, so that involves feeding her dinner before she leaves, and then feeding the boys when I get back. Then going back to pick her up while Ben helps the boys get ready for bed. It's crazy.

But I knew it was important to do a night routine. So I cleaned the kitchen, cleared off the table, swept the floor and straightened up the living room. This routine went so well. I didn't feel like I was playing catch up at all! Now I am totally not a night person so my routine will be small. But here goes...

**clean kitchen ( as soon as dinner is over! Do not head to the tv!)
** clear off table
** sweep
**quick spot mop
** pick up toys in living room
** pack lunches ( minus sandwiches)
**write to do list for next day
** get anything out of the freezer that may be needed for dinner the next day

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Kim said...

At least you are trying a routine, mine is setting the timer for 20 minutes and cleaning as fast as I can!

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