Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Homemaker Monday

Trying to get updated on all of my posting! Here we go...

Weather in my neck of the woods: hot! Sunny and blue skies

One of my simple pleasures: sweet I love you's whispered from my kids

What is on my bedside table: "Praise for the Stay at Home Mom" by Dr. Laura, scriptures, kleenex

What is on my tv: LDS General Conference

What is on my menu for tonight: I have (big shocker) lots of ham and eggs! So we are having breakfast for dinner and eating scrambeled eggs w/ ham, hashbrowns, sliced oranges

On my to do list: that pesky never ending laundry, packing, decluttering

New recipe I tried this week: I tried a Taquito casserole from the Semi-Homemade magazine. I will be posting the recipe on this blog later!

In my craft basket: I am putting scrapbooking kits together for the group of girls I work with through church. We are teaching them about keeping their personal histories.

Looking forward to: SPRING BREAK!

Homemaking tip for this week:It is easier to pick up a little bit every day, instead of huge cleaning once a week! Clean as you go!

Favorite blog post from this week: I really haven't visited too many blogs this week!

Favorite photo from last week: at the top!

Lesson learned this week: This was actually a really hard lesson. I have had a rough past couple of weeks. I had really let things get out of hand. My home, laundry, meals etc. Well I have a son who is on the Autsim spectrum. His behavior has been very hard to deal with these past couple of weeks. And I realized that his "bad" behavior started once things got out of hand around here. I learned that as the Mother I set the tone and example in my home. My kids are going to follow my example whether good...or bad!

On my prayer list: family & friends, military overseas

Scripture, devotional or other spiritual thought: I have been reading and listening to so many that I have to many to share!


Jen said...

I agree with your homemaking tip...I do well for a while then it gets out of control again. It was a great point you made about your sons attitude/behavior when things are out of control. Our daughter has auditory processing disorder and when we have a really busy week her behavior is worse. Thank you for the tip. Blessings to you and your family.

Julie said...

Thanks for what you've written. I'm sorry it's been a hard couple of weeks for you. I feel like Conference gave me a breath of fresh air and the push I needed in the right direction. I hope you're feeling that too.

How's the book? Sounds like a good one. Maybe I should get my hands on a copy of that one.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree - 'clean as you go' it makes life so much easier.

Sandra said...

I clean as I go, it's so much easier and keeps me from wanting to run for the hills when things pile up.

Sorry it's been rough the past few weeks, hope things get better soon :)

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