Sunday, April 4, 2010


Every Sunday, after finishing dinner, our family sits down for a family council. Although this may sound "very official" it really isn't. (:

The first thing we do is take the calender down, and look at what we are doing for the week. Who has what and when. So that we all know what we are doing.

We then ask each of our children if they want to talk about anything. From chores they didn't like, or a rule that they don't think is fair etc. So far the only complaint is over video games! (:

We then read scriptures and top it off with...

a dessert. We like to refer to it as "Sunday Sweets".

This week was Easter candy! (:

I would like to start a weekly blog carnival, where readers can link up and share a favorite dessert/recipe. Unfortunatley, I am not the most savvy, and have no idea how to make a blog button. I also am unsure of how to do a Mr. Linky.

If anyone could help me out, or just point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it, thanks!

For now, feel free to leave a comment about what your favorite recipe/dessert to make for your family is!


Susan said...

I know there are people out there who would make you a blog button for free, but if you can't find anyone, I know a great designer who does them for $25/each -

Arkansas Bartholomews said...

Mmmm, dessert... ...but I usually resort to ice cream. Though, ginger snaps can be quite compelling. Especially if you double the ginger and make the recipe especially tangy. =)

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