Sunday, February 26, 2012

the Lorax

Like most people, we own quite a few Dr. Suess books...

*Cat in the Hat
*Oh the Places you'll go
*Green Eggs and Ham
* The Grinch
*One Fish, Two Fish
*The Foot Book
*Horton Hears a Who

However, we don't have the Lorax. When my husband saw the preview for the new movie, he announced, " I have never even heard of that one."
So excited to be hanging out at Target (:

Now although I am not as familiar with it as say, the Cat in the Hat, I have at least heard it and read it.

Targets all across the country were offering a story hour and reading the Lorax. So we decided to go and get some of the goody bags being offered.

Having 5 kids sure comes in handy sometimes. 5 kids = 5 goody bags.

We hurried to the store, as the event was from 9-11, I was hoping the crowd wouldn't be big at 9:00. I was right! After heading to the book section, we were re-directed to the childrens clothing section.

Only a few of us were there. We sat and listened as a very non-enthusiastic Target employee read Green Eggs and Ham. She passed out the goody bags first which was good because my kiddo's didn't last long. Ivan kept saying, "I have heard that story. My Mom reads me that story."

The goody bags were nice reusable grocery bags, filled with coupons, snacks and Lorax activities. We especially liked the mustache!

Dr. Suess books were on sale 2/$20 and others were 2/$10. We recieved coupons that were good for $2 off a $10 book. So I bought two new books at $8 each. Not bad for Dr. Suess books (:

The boys were so embarassed to be in the lingerie section. They kept saying, "my eyes are burning!"

All in all, it was a fun event and I plan on doing it again!

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Susan said...

LOL - got a good chuckle over the kid photo with the bras in the background. Classic!

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