Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ralphs love

I am not the *biggest* Ralphs fan. It has a lot of great deals to be had, but on the whole....not so much.

The one thing that has me showin' them some love is the fact that, they don't limit the amount of like coupons that can be doubled. For example, if I have two coupons for fruit snacks, that are good for .50/2. If I buy 4 boxes and use 2 coupons, they only take $1.50 off, not the whole 2 dollars.

However, Ralphs doesn't place limits (unless the coupon states it).

Thanks to some high value coupons, I got these cakes for .99 each and the appetizers free!

They have a promotion (which is actually still going on) where if you buy 10 of a huge list of items, you get an automatic $5 off your order. This also isn't limited, as long as you have the first 10, you can get as many as you want.

So, before coupons my total was $127.xx and afterwards? $37! Not too shabby!

I finally feel like a real couponer, with a nice stockpile of mustard!

Not everything fit in the picture. But I got:
2 pineapple upside down cakes .99 each
1 chicken tornado appetizers = free
2 Digiorno pizzas = .99each after coupons
6 regular French's mustards = .40 each
6 French's honey mustards = .50 each
2 Spicy French's mustards = .50 each
2 Dijion mustards = .50 each
4 Skintimate shave gels = ?? I can't remember but they were between .50-$1
4 Edge shave gels = same deal as the Skintimate
4 bags of Goldfish = .50 each (had a coupon from a cereal box! (:
a clearanced 6 pack of applesauce = .75
a pkg of clearanced kettle corn= $1 ( I was so happy to find this because I love kettle corn and my husband &  kids love butter. So I normally buy butter.

Did you get any great deals this week? I would love to see/hear about them!

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