Monday, March 3, 2008

I hab a colb

Things were going so well. Cleaning and organizing. House looked great. Tackles accomplished. Menu planned and more. And then...sick. At first it felt like a flu bug. Throwing up and nausea. But in the end it has turned into a nasty cold. It is
amazing to me that something like a cold can completely knock you off your feet!
So now the house is a MESS. Laundry and dishes piling up. Toys out of control. Not to mention that the house could use a really good vacuming! But what is one to do when they can barely breathe?...take it one small, slow step at a time.

The plan for today?! Well Flylady has what she calls a "crisis clean". What it is, is a way to get your house back into control, quickly. You do 15 minutes in a room ( this is not the exact routine she follows) and just go around the house for 15 min. in each room. Every 45 minutes you take a water break. Well for me, I am just going to do 15 min. in each room, and than take a nap while Ivan does. Easy does it.

I am hoping to get a tackle in but we will see!

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